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Online Manual - Prim Nails Instructions and Support:

Each package of *INFINITY* Prim Nails offer 3 sizes; 10, 15 and 20; Some Include 30 as well. This is based on the most popular shape sizes in SL.

I suggest you follow these steps for the best result.


Check your hand size by doing the following (modify shapes only):

(Make a copy of your shape before proceeding).
1. Right click your avatar and from the pie menu choose "appearance".
2. Beside the first tab you will see "Shape", click this tab if not already clicked.
3. Select "Torso" and look at th hand size. You will see 0, 10, 20, etc. If your hand is larger, I suggest moving it down to 20. This will allow your nails to fit perfectly.
4. Click "save". Hand size is done!

Do not move your nails, they are designed to fit perfectly. Even the slightest movement can destroy the perfect alignment I've created.

* If your shape is NOT modifiable, I suggest contacting the creator and asking them the hand size used to for the shape, or you ay also try each set of nails *


Questions and Answers:

Q. My nails aren't fitting right anymore, what can I do?

A. Follow these steps:

1. Detach any AO's you may have.
2. Detach your nails from both hands.
3. Wear your nails again.
4. Stand on the provided *INFINITY* pose stand.
5. Stand up and check to make sure they are now positioned correctly, if not, do the follow below.

If the above did not work:

1. Detach any AO's you may have.
2. Detach your nails from both hands.
3. Go to your tool bar and select "World" and then scroll down and select "Stop animating my Avatar".
4. Wear your nails again.
6. Stand on the provided *INFINITY* pose stand.
7. Stand up and check the alignment.


Q. The nails from my skin are showing around my prim nails, what do I do?

A. Use *INFINITY* Perfect Polish and follow these directions: Click here


Q. How can I also wear my *INFINITY* wedding / engagement ring?

A. For a small fee, I can merge these items for you. Current pricing is L$200 to merge Jewelry with your nails.


Take her heart away with your love.  Take her breath away with INFINITY jewelry..

Infinity means forever...



























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